Saj-nicole is called upon by CEOs, boards, industry leaders, and executive audiences to serve as their strategic thinking partner, helping them deliver the results needed now while clearing the path for far reaching future impact.

A focus on performance

Saj-nicole is a highly-trusted inner circle advisor, someone you go to for the unvarnished truth in critical situations. She helps leaders better understand risk and operational complexity, capitalize more effectively on important market opportunities, and make better decisions around the bottom-line for sustained financial performance.

A breadth of industry and executive experience

With expertise in the complexities of strategy, customers, markets, and global organizations, Saj-nicole’s industry experience includes pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services, technology, consumer goods, oil and energy, information and media, professional services, and telecommunications. She also works with top leadership in non-profits and universities.

A rich combination of talent and expertise

Saj-nicole brings over 25 years of executive experience to this work, combining her talents and expertise as a strategist, senior business executive, mathematician, and performing artist. This combination makes her an in-demand thinking partner for an elite group of top executives whose global leadership has far-reaching impact. Saj-nicole helps leaders innovate, grow, execute, and drive performance.

  • "Saj-nicole was immediately helpful, bringing enormous business savvy, and an uncanny ability to zero in on the key areas I needed to focus on. She’s much more attuned to the full suite of demands a CEO is likely to face than the classic senior management consulting partner, making her extremely valuable as an inner circle advisor."

    - Vice-Chairman, Global Investment Bank

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